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You might have questions like:

  • What are the fundamentals of strategy?
  • What are some innovative strategies for beating the competition?
  • What are some common obstacles to execution?
  • How should my company formulate its strategy?

In short: 15 years of developing and executing strategy: R&D for 8 years, 3 strategic software projects; working on Software Start-up right now

I have done my share of strategy work:

  • I am currently working on a low-cost disruption software startup with a 5-7 year strategy of replacement of an incumbent: market, competitive and technology assessment plus resulting business case and business plan
  • Digital, connected diagnostics strategy for the appliance industry: market assessment and business case, technology architecture and roadmap
  • Connected Home Strategy to boost consumer perception of my employer, find "Blue Oceans", and attract essential partners: alignment with corporate strategy, leverage of Open Innovation, use of PR in R&D through concept car processes, rapid learning through controlled market tests
  • Survival Strategy after restructuring: clear path to success for a beaten-down team
  • Digital Product Strategy for an appliance maker: market analysis, business cases, technology architecture
  • Security Strategy: awareness, processes and architecture to turn investment into security infrastructure from nice-to-have to essential

In 2001, Whirlpool conducted a 360 Degree study of my performance. Here are some relevant results about me (remember that this report was done before some of the most intense learning periods around the restructuring of my whole business unit, and beyond). A rating of (1) meant total absence of a skill, (5) meant a rolemodel:

I got a decent rating for strategy, mainly because at the time of the rating we were deep in execution mode.

The comments on this rating indicated that I was good at "change", but my "driving" was a little rough around the edges (being an INTP, no big surprise there). I since then have made every effort to take the harsh edges off.

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