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You might have questions like:

  • How do we improve the success rate of new technology introductions?
  • How can we find new technologies outside of our market and profit from them? 
  • How can we incorporate technology faster?
  • How do we protect our technical ideas?
In short: I have 25 years of experience in making technology profitable for businesses.  THIS IS HOME TURF.

Here are a few examples:

Just take a look at my achievements, you will see the strong affinity to technology in almost every one. 

In 2001, Whirlpool conducted a 360 Degree study of my performance. Here are some relevant results about me (remember that this report was done before some of the most intense learning periods around the restructuring of my whole business unit, and beyond). A rating of (1) meant total absence of a skill, (5) meant a rolemodel:

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