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When I am really under pressure, I tended to withdraw and work out a solution myself.

I am a bad multi-tasker. Period. When I work on more than 1-2 things at the same time, I tend to experience a real dip in productivity. I actually turn my phone off. I withdraw into a quiet space. I limit interaction. I am ok with working alone on a tough problem for days, to emerge with a solution. I is against my natural instinct to talk (though I love to work the whiteboard to vet an idea).

Here is the rub: that does not work well in an executive context. It was brilliant as a manager or director, but it keeps me back. I am aware of it and am addressing it.

I am more outward focused when it comes to finding solutions. I am asking questions, listening, asking for input. The old approach is still in there, as I like to provide thought provokers or “stakes in the ground”, prototypes, you name it. Something that makes people think in the same context and scope, to avoid talking past each other.

But I am listening. Straining my ears. Taking it in. That is my coping mechanism when it comes to

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