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1. Formal CV (sanitized)
... Integrated HomeSolutions, a $25M+ internal startup and joint venture/competitive development alliance composed of web-connected kitchen appliances Designed the software/services/product portfolio and ...
2. Digitize Logistics Department
(Achievements/Turnaround Management)
In the middle of the 1990s, I was asked to rethink the paper-based processes of Germany’s largest kitchen manufacturer. Some of the products of my work are still in operation 10 years later. Objective: ...
3. 2005-09-28 Kitchen Bath Designer
(In Public/In the Press)
... of the study showed that people loved the functionality of the phone but found it too hard to use. He added that the results of the internet-enabled kitchen also showed that people are not afraid of technology. ...
4. 2005-01-20 IGD Horizonscan
(In Public/Public Speaking)
This presentation had the title "Tomorrow’s Kitchen Technologies – Exploring the Impact". I was flown in on the expense of IGD to bried their executive membership exclusively on the future of the kitchen ...
5. 2004-06 Connected Home Solutions
(In Public/In the Press)
"The ‘Internet fridge’ (pictured opposite) put technology in the kitchen on the map, but what, if anything, has happened since? We take a peak behind the scenes in this vital area of the home and on the ...
6. 2003-09-04 Boston Globe
(In Public/In the Press)
NET ALLIANCE TESTING A RANGE OF POSSIBILITIES: "A consortium of technology and home appliance companies is enrolling 20 Boston-area families for a test of a new wireless- and Internet-connected kitchen, ...
SOLO, Own Software Development Company, Germany Created first operational P&L reporting system within Germany's largest kitchen cabi-net manufacturer, estimated ROI 500%/3 yrs. Challenge: Develop a solution ...
8. MEALTIME - Industry Pilot
(Achievements/Product Dev)
... (November 14, 2005) Mealtime was a real-world test of a connected kitchen solution that enables consumers to use network-enabled appliances to simplify kitchen and meal preparation tasks. Pilot sponsors ...
9. Digital Logistics Management Solution
(Achievements/Software Dev)
The next step after the development and introduction of the cost control and analysis tool was the expansion of digitization into all aspects of the logistics department at Wellmann Kitchen. This work ...
10. Cost Capture and Analysis Tool
(Achievements/Software Dev)
For Wellmann Kitchen, the then leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Europe, I developed a operations cost capture and reporting application for the logistics department "Transwell". This work was done ...
11. Germany in the 90s
After I finished my formal education with my doctorate, I was asked by my father, the head of logistics for Wellmann Kitchens, to help him as a payment in kind. My family had financed my studies, and so ...
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