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1. Forthcoming Book Contribution
(In Public/In the Press)
... that help us to communicate, compete and cooperate. Governments and cultural institutions arise out of the need to share resources efficiently, and libraries are one important kind of cultural institution ...
2. People vs. Progress
(The Person/Warts)
... to a former subordinate in the presence of his supervisor and the manager once removed. I still cringe when I remember the conversation. That said, I am working on it. My consulting business has helped ...
3. Revitalize a Large Team
(Achievements/Turnaround Management)
... a lot of the sharing and getting to respect one another. It also helped to ferret out off-kilter pet projects. After traveling the world several times, I did something very radical (and painful, as I ...
4. Picking up the Pieces
(Achievements/Turnaround Management)
... with the outside world. We did not have the means to do anything really impactful for a $18B company, but with the help of some friends, we could make a dent. The first output of that move was MEALTIME. ...
5. Digitize Logistics Department
(Achievements/Turnaround Management)
... of sophistication I delivered within a year (it helped that I worked 100 hour weeks for two years). The new environment reduced manual labor by 600%. When before 12 planners were involved in assembling ...
6. Managing Innovation - by measure
(In Public/My Articles)
... a robust framework of three dimensions that can help. This article is also available as a PDF. Why a Framework? I have had the idea of a definition framework for innovation challenged several times ...
7. New Article about Innovation Management
(Thoughts/on Innovation)
... that can help. Enjoy.  ...
8. Dead Cat Bounce
(Thoughts/on Strategy)
... That means that London (and Frankfurt, for that matter), will diminish in importance, sending over control to an Asian powerhouse (Hong Kong, Shanghai?). What will that leave for the UK? Can’t help but ...
9. Innovation Speed Dating
(Thoughts/on Innovation)
... Speed Dating events help build relationships between entrepreneurs and large companies.  ...
10. 5 Ways to Keep Your Team Intact
(Thoughts/on Leadership)
... talked a lot about turnaround management. There is an option in my professional life to help a struggling company right itself. This article, plus the very complimentary advice I got from Jalal, will definitely ...
11. Creating a Skills Matrix
(Thoughts/on Leadership)
I today helped a fellow LinkedIn member to answer the question on how to create a skills matrix. Here is the questions: How to Prepare Skill matrix? My first answer: Skills matrix are the result ...
12. A Triage of Skills
(In Public/My Articles)
Dr. Heuer introduces a tool to understand training requirements and supervisory deliverables. The Basic Concept I always wondered how I could help people deal with the cards life dealt them. How to ...
13. The Work of Leaders
(Thoughts/on Leadership)
... decision to the point where saying "Yes" or selecting "B" is trivial. If that is the "work" of leaders, so help us <insert any supreme being / concept you are comfortable with>. A good book to read ...
14. Strategies for Small Companies
(In Public/My Articles)
In this article, Dr. Heuer will introduce a strategic decision making matrix for small to mid-size businesses. This framework will help to label their own core strategy. Out of this, areas of special attention ...
15. Margin and Volume
(In Public/My Articles)
In the heart of every business model lurks maturation. In this article, Dr. Heuer suggests a framework that can help companies deal with their maturing markets. This article is available for download ...
16. Brainstorming or Bust?
(Thoughts/on Innovation)
... using our product? Which technologies embedded in our product have changed the most since the product was last redesigned?  It looks to me, that these questions can actually help the ideation process ...
17. Innovation
(You/Your Challenges)
... This more than 10 years of executive experience will help you answer your questions and get results on Innovation. In 2001, Whirlpool conducted a 360 Degree study of my performance. Here are some relevant ...
18. Leadership
(You/Your Challenges)
... also found the use of psychological tools like MBTI or Enneagram very helpful. In the end, Leadership is about people. Understanding people, especially how they communicate and how they react to stress, ...
... long-term structures, and solutions. I really do go into the cave and return with a solutions (though I have learned to take a telephone cable with me to ask for help when stuck). In short, I am one of ...
20. 2005-01-20 IGD Horizonscan
(In Public/Public Speaking)
... when it comes to robots cooking meals. The full presentation is available as PDF as well. IGD describes itself as: "IGD actively helps people to grow, by bringing together intelligence, opinion and experience ...
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