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1. Digitize Logistics Department
(Achievements/Turnaround Management)
... worked with called Borland Delphi and a new database called SQL Anywhere. Fortunately, I am a very quick study and was able to produce production code within 4 weeks. This got me the respect of the technical ...
2. Managing Innovation - by measure
(In Public/My Articles)
... company. This gathering is an ongoing activity that generates the raw data to feed into pre-analytics that drive the information presented to the executives to make their decisions. Since the framework ...
3. When Will We Ever Learn?
(Thoughts/on Leadership)
... wants to “raise old ghosts” and talk about past failures (they might be associated with a “Teflon Man” that has dodged that bullet and rose to power). Historic data is routinely getting ignored or discounted, ...
4. A Triage of Skills
(In Public/My Articles)
... you to get this data. I also wish supervisors would develop a vocabulary for these skills. When I added MBTI to my team’s arsenal, I saw a marked increase in internal and external team performance. Projects ...
5. The Work of Leaders
(Thoughts/on Leadership)
... your team works is a valid input. It is an avalanche at first, but you quickly categorize and filter the BS from the nuggets. I have tried to capture these bits of data as well, sometimes just writing ...
6. Brainstorming or Bust?
(Thoughts/on Innovation)
... together with the ideas of the other team Preparation: questions can be given to participants in advance to allow for data mining / digging before the ideation session, leading to more grounded / realistic ...
7. Software Development
(The Person/Skills)
... the architecture, data modelling, report and UI design. Moving to the US got me hooked on HTML / JS development in 1997. There is an early prototype of Whirlpool Web World available online, if you are ...
8. Digital Logistics Management Solution
(Achievements/Software Dev)
... took most of 1996 and 1997. I was asked to provide a proposal during the final deployment of the cost analysis solution. The work build up on the already pretty extensive data model. Again, I used Borland ...
9. Cost Capture and Analysis Tool
(Achievements/Software Dev)
... in 1995. I designed an application which is in use to this day. It linked to the corporate mainframe and pulled order data in a daily load. From that order data the routes the department drove were constructed. ...
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