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1. Revitalize a Large Team
(Achievements/Turnaround Management)
... on the larger product development teams and their approval. I started rather simple: by having everybody share a weekly status update and by having a weekly All-Hands teleconference call. That alone drove ...
2. Managing Innovation - by measure
(In Public/My Articles)
... and CEO of SarJay GmbH, the Germany-based consulting outfit focused on Innovation Management, Finance Management, and Talent Development. Jay has spoken on numerous occasions at conference and in company ...
3. Managing People
(You/Your Challenges)
... and wikis to capture thinking and decision making in 2002, having a weekly "all-hands" conference call, and getting to know my own areas of improvement. The formal recognition is a rather good indicator ...
4. 2005-05-24 Growth and Innovation Conference
(In Public/Public Speaking)
The Conference Board is one of the finest institutions in the world for cutting-edge corporate research. Their annual conference and Growth and Innovation is worth attending every single time. I was part ...
5. 2004-07-13 WHR Portal on DHL Conference
(In Public/In the Press)
This article was published on the Whirlpool Intranet Portal about the Digital Home Leadership conference, an industry conference I designed and sponsored within the Internet Home Alliance. I had asked ...
6. 2004-04-21 ConnectedHome 2004
(In Public/Public Speaking)
I was invited back to the Connected Home conference in 2004. This time, I sat on a panel and gave a presentation of my own. The presentation was about "Understanding the Market Perspectives – Key Players ...
7. 2003-09-24 ConnectedHome 2003
(In Public/Public Speaking)
The first time I participated at this conference, I was asked to present the findings of the IHA about the US Connected Home. The presentation requires you to advance the slides manually. Please do so ...
8. Digital Home Leadership Conference
In May 2004, I designed and sponsored the First Digital Home Leadership Conference. This was a vehicle for us to manifest Whirlpool's leadership position in the Digital Home space. This was a "strike the ...
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