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1. 5 Ways to Keep Your Team Intact
(Thoughts/on Leadership)
... talked a lot about turnaround management. There is an option in my professional life to help a struggling company right itself. This article, plus the very complimentary advice I got from Jalal, will definitely ...
2. Digitize Logistics Department
(Achievements/Turnaround Management)
... of turnaround management. It involved a very hostile and charged environment coupled with high expectations, a potent mix of people and technology, and strong pressures to perform financially.  ...
3. Find a Viable Business
(Achievements/Turnaround Management)
... retail. This was a turnaround of my liking. I had nobody reporting into me directly. Everything I needed to achieve I had to get by convincing folks, by alignment and sheer personality. I think I did ...
4. Picking up the Pieces
(Achievements/Turnaround Management)
In the fall of 2001, Integrated HomeSolutions had been restructured. I was the only director left in the team almost of 20, charged with keeping Whirlpool in the business of Networked Homes. Go Get It ...
5. Revitalize a Large Team
(Achievements/Turnaround Management)
In 2005, I was given a challenge: to get the ailing and unfocused electronics R&D department back on track. This included three locations and more than 75 people, some of the highly educated (PhDs, ...
6. What we can do together
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...  System Architecture Talent Turnaround Chances are, you are trying to understand my professional expertise as well as the person behind the frontpage. This web site can help you. These pages ...
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